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Getting Started with CHISPA @ Chicago Children’s Museum September 23, 2014

Getting Started with CHISPA @ Chicago Children’s Museum

On September 23, 2014, Nancy Plaskett, Vice President, Partnerships and Audience Development and Alexandra Pafilis, Director of Early Learning at the Chicago Children's Museum hosted the Padres Comprometidos con CHISPA training for the NCLR Affiliates participating in CHISPA:


The participants worked on several activities to help them understand the science connections to the parent engagement components of the CHISPA project.


The exhibits at the museum gave the participants ideas about how to work with the resources within their community. For example, during a tour of the museum, participants noticed that the Building Center exhibit aligns perfectly with the Building Structures APEX Science activity.


DC Steering Commitee Meeting September 16, 2014

DC Steering Commitee Meeting

CHISPA team member Helio Cruz, Youth Programs Coordinator at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, and representatives from the Latin American Youth Center, Home of Miracles & Embraces H.O.M.E., Kilby Elementary School, NCLR, and ASPIRA gathered for the first D.C. area CHISPA Steering Committee. Matthew Eisenstadt, from the ASPIRA headquarters in DC, presented an overview of CHISPA, as well as project goals. The committee scheduled the Padres Comprometidos con CHISPA training for parent leaders, as well as the CHISPA family event at the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian and their community organization partners will work together to plan a “Night at the Museum” for Latino students and their families, which should prove unique and historical for the CHISPA project in DC.

CHISPA Steering Committee members plan upcoming CHISPA workshops and family events.


Getting Started with CHISPA @ California ScienCenter September 12, 2014

Getting Started with CHISPA @ California ScienCenter

On September 12, 2014, Jose L. Rodriguez, NCLR Education Director for Texas and the Southwest Regions presented the Padres Comprometidos con CHISPA curriculum at the California Science Center. Museum staff members Dr. Robin Gose, Director of Professional Development, and Merisa Camacho, Preschool and Elementary Education Programs Manager, joined parent engagement specialists from the following partner organizations:

Participants learned how to conduct training for parents from their organization to become advocates for their children's education and provide them with tools to engage with their children in science.

During the training participants explored the impressive (original) Space Shuttle Endeavor, which is on display at the California Science Center, along with other air and space artifacts.

The growing partnership with the science center provided participants with the opportunity to discover how they can work together the community and make the science accessible and welcoming to Latino communities.


CHISPA National Institute - 2014 June 5, 2014

CHISPA National Institute - 2014

The first CHISPA National Institute for Museum Partners was held June 5-6 at the Frost Museum of Science in Miami. The event brought together two-member teams from each partner museum, national staff from ASPIRA and NCLR, and the project evaluator.

CHISPA project team. From left to right: Isabel Leeder, Cheryl Juarez, Cecilia Garibay, Jose Rodriguez, Feliza Ortiz-Licon, Oscar Zubieta, Matthew Eisenstadt, John Villamil

The Institute was designed to familiarize museum partner teams with: 1) the CHISPA national project partners and roles; 2) the role of museum partners; 3) the CHISPA professional development model for afterschool science; and 4) the Padres Comprometidos con CHISPA family engagement model.

Participants were introduced to tools needed to implement CHISPA in their community, an overview of the CHISPA model and the Afterschool Program Exploring (APEX) Science curriculum that they will use to provide professional development for their local CBO afterschool program staff starting in the 2014-15 academic year. Museum partners learned about their role in dissemination and CHISPA reporting/evaluation requirements. NCLR & ASPIRA staff provided specific information about the CBOs in their city, as well as their parent engagement strategies. CoPI John Villamil, ASPIRA Executive VP and CIO and Dr. Feliza Ortiz-Licon, NCLR Sr. Director of K-16 Education, provided short presentations about their advocacy work.

Hands-on APEX Science train-the-trainer session.

Participants viewed "The New American Reality," a short video developed by Univision's marketing department to generate advertisers' interest in learning more about the Latino consumers. The video went viral when it was released on YouTube setting the stage for discussion about perceptions and realities of the growing Latino presence in the United States in general and in each museum community in particular.

CHISPA is off to a great start!


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